An Exclusive Interview with Blockchain-Based Lottery BitPlay Club

· January 22, 2018 · 2:00 pm

Feeling lucky? We certainly were when Bitcoinist had the opportunity to sit down with the team behind the hot new blockchain-based international lottery, BitPlay.Club.

The crypto community is abuzz about BitPlay.Club, the new blockchain-based lottery players are flocking to in droves, thanks to an easy to use interface, better odds than many traditional lotteries, and an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability. Bitcoinist sat down with the platform’s team to learn more about what makes BitPlay.Club tick.

Bitcoinist: What made you decide to launch a blockchain-based Bitcoin lottery?

BP: When blockchain broke onto the scene, it began improving each and every area it touched. We saw the potential of this technology and we believed in it. Moreover, people are excited about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We are a young team but we are not a start-up, we made some successful projects before and a few years ago we came up with the idea of creating the bitcoin-based lottery with the draws based on blockchain, so people could trust it. It took quite a while to start working on our idea and turn it into a reality, but here we are – Bitplay Club is ready to go public!

Bitcoinist: What is your team’s experience in the blockchain and online gaming space?

BP: Some of our team members have worked for online casinos in the past. Those casinos didn’t have provably fair algorithms, and nobody understands more than we do how important it is to show people transparent results and prove that they can trust your service because that was one of the most common questions from the casino customers.

BitPlay.Club lottery

Bitcoinist: What makes Bitplay Club different from other Bitcoin lotteries?

BP: Well, that’s a good question. You know, everybody has their own preferences when it comes to what appeals to them. Websites, services, and Bitcoin lotteries are no exception. Some people prefer one website design more than others, or find Service A easier to use than Service B. Some customers of ours prefer better Jackpot odds. Our jackpot is constantly growing and we are serious about leading a large part of the gambling market with new game releases, jackpot growth, and constant platform improvements.

Bitcoinist: What payment methods do you currently accept?

BP: We accept only Bitcoin payments at the moment, but we’re working on a currency exchange service that will be live soon. It will allow our customers to exchange different altcoins for BTC, which will be added to their Bitplay Club account balance. Everything is integrated so people don’t need to leave our website. Also, we will be adding Visa and Mastercard payments integration in about a month or so.

Bitcoinist: What is a 6-45 lottery?

BP: 6-45 lottery is a classic lottery where you need to pick 6 numbers out of 45 and wait for the results of the draw which is held once a day. We have improved on the 6-45 game, however, by adding a System Game feature where players can pick additional numbers and the system will generate all possible 6-number combinations from all the numbers that you’ve chosen. Also, users can choose to participate in a specified number of consecutive draws with the same ticket. Jackpot odds for this game are 1:8145060. Let’s call it our flagman, it’s simple, it has a nice jackpot which will be growing and it has nice jackpot odds compared to Powerball, for example.

BitPlay.Club lottery screenshot

Bitcoinist: Do you have a referral program?

BP: Of course, we give out 5% of each ticket sold to our referral partners plus we will be implementing additional features like free tickets for referring a certain number of clients.

Bitcoinist: How is the jackpot amount determined?

BP: So, for the 6-45 lottery we take 60% of each ticket sold for the prize pool increase while 30% of that 60% amount goes to jackpot increase and the rest goes to payout groups, depending on the quantity of number that you’ve guessed.

Bitcoinist: Do you have any promotions or special offers at the moment?

BP: We don’t have any yet but we are working on a new feature implementation – free tickets. We need to make some changes in the system prior releasing this feature but basically, people will be able to get free tickets on top of buying a certain number of tickets…everybody likes free stuff 🙂

Bitcoinist: What future plans does Bitplay Club have?

BP: We will be releasing at least two more games in the near future to meet the needs and preferences of all customers because some people prefer playing and winning anytime they can and not to wait for the results of a one draw per day. In the long term, we’ll be working hard on improving and marketing our platform so more people can enjoy playing an online lottery that is always fair and never rigged.

Ready to try your luck? Head on over to BitPlay.Club to get started. You can’t win if you don’t play!

Do you play the lottery? Have you played the lottery at BitPlay.Club? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

Images courtesy of BitPlay.Club

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