Bitrue Launches Trading Pair to Support NFT Integration with Gala Games


With hundreds of millions of dollars in daily volume, Bitrue is one of the industry’s busiest cryptocurrency exchanges. In order to maintain its dominance, Bitrue is continually looking to implement new assets for its users to capitalize on. Gala Games, the blockchain-based gaming platform, has introduced Flare for its in-game NFT purchases. The exchange has now launched a GALA/XRP trading pair to support the integration. With two record-setting sales of NFT items for their upcoming MMORPG game, Mirandus, the opportunities that Gala has makes it a natural fit for the cryptocurrency exchange.

A Three-Way Partnership to Broaden the Gaming Ecosystem

The integration of Flare in Gala Games and GALA into Bitrue is part of a strategic partnership undertaken by the three organizations. Gala, Flare, and Bitrue have announced a collaboration with gamers’ interests in mind, integrating Flare into the Gala ecosystem so that platform users have an interoperable solution beyond what is offered by the ERC-1155 token standard. Gala Games gives full ownership of in-game assets to players, allowing them to monetize their skills and hard work while participating in something they love to do. Bitrue will be able to provide liquidity for gamers to get in and out of their positions, while also promoting the ecosystem as a whole.

Flare Broadens Gala Games’ Capabilities

Developers have envisioned Flare Network as bringing a whole new layer of capabilities to the Ripple blockchain by creating a system that allows for XRP-based smart contracts. Ripple remains one of the most used blockchain protocols on the market, making smart contract integration a viable next step for the platform.

FLR is the native cryptocurrency of the Flare Network, acting as digital ‘gas’ that allows for transactions to place on the network. Since Flare Network builds on top of the Ripple Network, FLR is set to be airdropped to XRP holders, utilizing a grassroots strategy for those who have the highest likelihood of wanting to use the platform immediately. By integrating Flare into Gala Games, Gala will accommodate a whole new pool of players who can interact with Gala’s games and NFTs. With Bitrue being one of the biggest XRP denominated exchanges, the partnership between the three groups represents a trifecta of value for Ripple network users and gamers moving forward.

Why Bitrue Is a Great Fit

GALA had its initial listing on Bitrue, where it gained a lot of positive attention from platform users, signaling the potential that this project can bring to the gaming industry. Bitrue wanted to continue to facilitate its growth, and along with Flare, which also hosted its initial listing on Bitrue, the collaboration seemed like an obvious value-added solution for all parties.

This partnership augurs well for all participants, but there will likely be more time needed for development until Flare Network minting will be readily available to Gala gamers. As these organizations continue to innovate together, it will be exciting to see what they have in store for the blockchain and gaming industries.

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