First Generation of Blockchain Unicorns Gen-0 Is Already Available on the Market

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Singapore-registered blockchain company Unicorn Go PTE Ltd., with the help of venture capital investor Alexander Borodichб is ready to launch first open decentralized online game UnicornGO where users will be able to earn money playing with pet unicorns. Thefirst unicorns are already available for purchase on the project’s website UnicornGo

UnicornGo has its own in-game currency CandyCoin, based on Ethereum smart contracts, with a limited release of 12 000 000 tokens. CandyCoin is used on the in-game marketplace to buy/sell/exchange unicorns, plots of land, candy tree seeds to grow unicorns’ favorite food and other fairy tale accessories. In the future, smart contracts of mythical world will use the Universa network which features zero transaction fees and high transaction speeds.

The Unicorns GEN-0 sale started on 10 March 2018 and will last until 30 000 unicorns are sold, after which no new GEN-0 unicorns will ever be created again. The first generation of mythical cryptocreatures will become the forebears of all subsequent unicorn generations, passing on their genetic heritage to their offspring. Genetic cross-breeding schemes are developed by geneticists based on real interspecific gene linkages and transferred to the blockchain by UnicornGO’ highly qualified specialists.

Some rare hereditary traits within the GEN-0 generation will occur 30% more often than in the next generations. Buying an ordinary unicorn at a regular price, the user has a chance to get a unique unicorn. The specific traits granted  to the GEN-0 generation unicorns is a random occurence. After acquiring the unicorns, users will have the ability to alter or improve some of their characteristics. In the future, unique unicorns will be highly valued for breeding purposes and will be sought after by other players in hopes of obtaining valuable offspring for a fee.

A vivid fantasy world filled with stylish and graceful mythical cryptocreatures, that users can buy and sell, settle into delightful housing, feed, breed or create new varieties with the help of the in-game alchemical  laboratory, is only the beginning of the story. The next step is integrating the UnicornGO interface with the Augmented Reality system, created in cooperation with Izetex. And in the second quarter of 2018, UnicornGO is going to introduce thenew gadget to the market that will allow users to control the unicorns with the power of thought. The neural interface has already been developed by the innovative startup NeiroBasis, while the gadget’s design is being developed by a team led by a former designer for Tesla.

UnicornGO promises to alter behavioral patterns of the 21st century generation using its unique mechanics and thus become a global advance in the game industry. The project has the whole package: transparent blockchain technology, extended gameplay, trend platforms, augmented reality and character neural control,realistic genetics and personification. The ability to bring aboard independent developers enables high scale allowances in the game development process.

Besides enjoying the game, UnicornGO players have a significant financial prospect. A secure game environment in combination with unique cryptocurrency Candy Coin’s exchange liquidity converts virtual assets into an investment. Thoroughly elaborated economy guarantees their stable growth.

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